Mentoring webinars for leaders, mentors, and mentees

Following the launch of its Mentoring Framework and Guides in June, the ETF has developed 60-minute CPD webinars for leaders/managers, mentors and mentees to support or enact high quality mentoring and coaching.

The sessions aimed at leaders and managers who have responsibility for mentoring and coaching schemes for teachers/trainers take place on Tuesday 12 October (4pm) and Friday 15 October (1pm). They will help participants recognise the features of an organisational infrastructure for developmental mentoring, analyse the role of the mentoring co-ordinator and understand the importance of training for all parties involved.

The sessions for mentors who are mentoring teachers/trainers, or aspiring mentors who are interested in mentoring their colleagues, both take place on Monday 1 November (at midday and 4pm). They will help participants explain effective practice in developmental mentoring and explore tools and strategies for developmental mentoring including the ONSIDE model.

The sessions for mentees who are working with a mentor, or preparing to do so, are on Monday 29 November (4pm) and Friday 3 December (4pm). The sessions will describe effective practice in developmental mentoring and analyse effective mentee behaviour and mindsets.

All of the webinars are free to attend. Places can be reserved via the ETF booking system.

The events are part of a wider package of free support for mentoring funded by the Department for Education and provided by the Education and Training Foundation. For details, please visit the Mentoring page on the ETF website.

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